Customer Comments

Here’s some comments sent to us from our customers:

“My wife would like to thank you for the seat pad, attached to my 2016 Harley Streetbob. It’s been used a few times already and it sure has made a difference to her seating position.” – Greg & Kirsty, Australia


“I ordered a HC pad to help with lower back pain on longer distance rides. I found that after a few hours in the saddle my lack of movement would flair up an old back injury and make riding uncomfortable. 

In discussion with the Happy Cheeks crew I opted for a small pad which was installed quickly to my CB500x and has a quality feel to it. 

I’ve tested it now for around 500km and would say that it certainly promotes movement and shifting of pressure points. I noticed less fatigue in my buttocks but, for me, the most beneficial aspect has been the “mouldability” of the pad to alter my seating position enough and shift my posture in seat. 

After longer rides I felt noticeably more limber and the added benefit of it being removable is that when the tropical storms hit, you can remove it and keep it dry for when the sky clears up. 

Overall a great product at a very competitive price!” – Stuart, Thailand 


“Hello friends! Look at the pictures of the seat cushion on my bike – it works! Thank you.” – Franck, Germany


“I picked up a small Happy Cheeks seat pad for a Suzuki 125 scooter in Bangkok. The bike has a double seat that slopes forward rather than being a flat bench. At six foot tall this made the bike uncomfortable. The seat pad flattens the seat perfectly and gives me the flat bench I want. The pad is held on by a Velcro strap and can easily be pulled off and stored under the seat when parked up. Simple and comfortable.” – Raj, Thailand


“The seat pads have been really good so far. I found it better when I was more aggressive shifting the beads around, and on shorter rides I like the little extra height. All in all, really happy.” – Keiran, Thailand